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Gerace Construction has decades of experience with design/build projects

The Design/Build partnering process is a simple one in theory: Early involvement between all parties (architect/engineer, contractor, and owner) with the goal of building the cornerstone for a successful project: is a clearly defined scope. The construction documents will then provide an understanding to the support team, of the (who, what, where, how, when, etc) regarding project details, and will avoid the typical waste evident in the normal process of "draw it up, review, red-mark it, and redraw it."

Our experience has been that when a team works together during the project development, through the construction phases, and moves toward the completed project, the team develops a real sense of unity, and pride is attained by all parties involved. The project, instead of being a lot of work, is really a group of excited people having fun together. The Gerace team is excited to be able to offer in-house design/build. The construction of a new - or the renovation of an established - building program has not been a stranger to the company's year-end job list.